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Meet Our TCE Team

Meet Our TCE Team

The Office of Talent, Culture, and Engagement was created in the Fall of 2022 to operationalize UTA’s Strategic Theme of People and Culture. TCE’s main goal is supporting the employee life cycle (i.e., recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training, employee relations, and administration of benefits), while working with campus leadership, staff, faculty, and others to further develop a culture where the values of TCE are embedded in the culture and operations of the university.

Divisions of Talent, Culture, and Engagement

  1. Talent and Culture

    Human Resources - Strategic partner to UTA community dedicated to providing innovative solutions.


    Dedicated to supporting an engaged workplace, and advancing the development of our faculty and staff.

  3. Hispanic Serving Institution Initiatives

    Working to institutionalize an HSI identity that focuses on "Servingness" with intentionality.

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Our Vision

Inspire and Nurture Strategic Partnerships, Inclusive of Respect and Excellence through Unity, Talent and Achievement.

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Our Mission

We strategically develop, attract & retain diverse talent; to cultivate community and promote a culture of belonging.

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Our Core Values

People-Centered. Team-Focused. Professional Business Expertise. Innovative. Flexible.

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Jewel Michelle Washington, VP for Office of Talent, Culture, and Engagement

Jewel Washington joined UTA in February of 2021 as the Chief Human Resources Officer and became the VP of Talent, Culture, and Engagement in October of 2022. Jewel actively engages with university leaders, governance groups and the broad UTA and HR community. For more than 25 years, Jewel has held various leadership positions in human resources that increased the Office of Talent, Culture, and Engagement’s presences and reputation. For the last 8 years she has been the Chief Human Resources officer at two Flagship Universities. University of New Mexico and University of Maryland, College Park. Jewel’s professional philosophy as a VP of Talent, Culture, and Engagement has been to strive to ensure that employee are given well designed total compensation packages, development and advancement opportunities, and work in an environment where they feel safe, valued and have a sense of purpose. She holds a Masters of Arts degree from Webster University, and is a member of CUPA and SHRM.

Service Delivery Model

In order to ensure we are serving UTA in the best way and meeting our vision and mission aspirations we must first begin ensuring that we are set up for success. This 4 Tier approach structures our services to ensure we are providing the best service to the UTA community.


Actions an employee at UTA can do for themselves through TCE Portals.


Actions or inquires that will need entry level support from a Unit Liaison, especially those who participate in the TCE Service Partners Group and hear timely updates from TCE Leadership.


Actions or consulting that will need assistance from Frontline TCE experts.


Actions that will need to be escalated to a subject matter expert within TCE.

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Our Team

The Office of Talent, Culture, and Engagement strives to advance the University mission and promote a quality work environment for our employees by attracting, developing, and inspiring excellence across our campus community. Our role is to ensure faculty, staff, retirees, and potential employees receive guidance on various TCE topics through valuable and innovative services.

TCE Staff


We prepare people for their careers, empower our faculty, and supply the world with fresh ideas and determined talent. Our strong central organization makes those things possible.

Benefits UTA offers employees health insurance, life insurance, vision, dental, and retirement, as well as discounts and other Maverick Country perks. Benefits

If you’re looking for an environment ripe with opportunity for personal growth and professional development, The University of Texas at Arlington is the place for you.

Open Faculty and Staff Positions

Student Employee

Are you a student looking for an exciting employment opportunity within the university that will help you grow career skills and even explore ways to use your degree?

Open Student Positions

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Office of Talent, Culture, and Engagement (2024)
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