Lakeland Florida - Things to Do & Attractions in Lakeland FL (2024)

Lakeland, located about 45 minutes east of Tampa and an hour southwest of Orlando, is a Central Florida destination offering family-friendly fun, stunning architecture, tourable farms and botanical gardens, and plenty of hiking and outdoor adventures in its parks and preserves.

Take a trip to the expansive Circle B Bar Reserve, where wildlife sightings are practically guaranteed. Home to alligators and bald eagles, Circle B Bar has a network of trails for visitors to explore the rugged natural areas and wetlands. Colt Creek State Park, which spans 5,000 acres, offers canoe and kayak rentals, 15 miles of multi-use trails for hiking, biking, and horseback riding through natural wetlands and pine flatwoods, and a 75-foot accessible dock.

Families of all ages will want to go on safari at the 260-acre Safari Wilderness Ranch, which is home to 50 species of animals, including zebras, camels, and lemurs. The Florida Children’s Museum offers two floors of interactive galleries as well as a sensory-friendly space, and kids of all abilities will enjoy inclusive play at the city’s Common Ground Playground.

For fans of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture, the 13-structure collection at Florida Southern College is a must-see. The collection includes Annie Pfeiffer Chapel and Water Dome, his largest water feature. At the Polk Museum of Art, visitors can see a diverse collection of contemporary, Asian, Pre-Columbian, and African art.

Plan your trip at Visit Central Florida.


Visit the children’s museum, parks, and other family-friendly attractions.


See live musical performances and check out the museums.


Hike the trails, explore the gardens and parks, and get on the water.


There are 38 named lakes within the city limits of Lakeland.


Visit accessible parks and attractions.


Explore Lakeland’s culinary scene and wind down at a craft co*cktail bar or brewery.


Browse vintage items, antiques, souvenirs, art, and more.


Bring your four-legged family member along to pet-friendly parks, attractions, and restaurants.


See a Detroit Tigers spring training game and tee off on a championship course.


Book a stay at a hotel, vacation rental, resort, or campground.

Lakeland Florida - Things to Do & Attractions in Lakeland FL (2024)
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