Clash of Clans: Top 10 Best Attack Strategies for Town Hall 11 (2024)

Town Hall 11, a watershed arriving in Clash of Clans marks a swift change in the attacking styles. The reason behind such quick change is new in-game mechanisms that dominate the game. Likewise; Grand Warden, Eagle Artillery, and Siege Machines.

However, such agents enable us to gather several troop combinations and choose the best that fits our fingertips.

Clash of Clans being a strategy game, allows us to have numerous ways to clean the opponent’s base. Here are the Top 10 Attack Strategies for Town Hall 11 that can be used for Trophy Pushing and War as well.

Updated: This article has been updated with the 3 latest attack strategies for Town Hall 11, counting to a total of 18. There are hardly any left out now. Therefore, this might be your complete solution.

18. IcyWitch

Clash of Clans: Top 10 Best Attack Strategies for Town Hall 11 (1)

Town Hall 11 zaps are among the best ones. This attack combines the two deadly zaps; Witch and Bat spells.

Army Composition:

  • Witches: 14
  • Golem: 6
  • Rage Spell: 1
  • Freeze Spell: 3
  • Bat Spell: 6
  • CC: Yeti + Log Launcher

Deploy 6 Ice Golems in a line and follow them with all Witches. Use Rage Spell at the beginning to give a strong start. Use Bat Spells once the area splash defenses are eradicated.

17. DraQueenWalk

Clash of Clans: Top 10 Best Attack Strategies for Town Hall 11 (2)

Queen Walk is already overpowered at the current Town Hall. And when it merges with Dragons’ temper, the results are 3 stars.

Army Composition:

  • Dragon: 7
  • Healers: 4
  • Balloons: 6
  • Baby Dragons: 2
  • Bat Spells: 6
  • Rage Spells: 2
  • Freeze Spells: 1
  • CC: Yeti + Log Launcher

Same as usual, QueenWalk to get Eagle Artillery. Use hero, wall breakers, and spells to get Inferno as well. And leave the rest to the dragons and bats.

16. DraHog Run

Clash of Clans: Top 10 Best Attack Strategies for Town Hall 11 (3)

This is a very unusual army combination, developed by the Sumit007 YouTube channel. Take a look at it.

Army Composition:

  • Balloons: 7
  • Healers: 2
  • Dragons: 8
  • Hog Riders: 8
  • Lighting Spell: 4
  • Earthquake Spell: 2
  • Rage Spell: 1
  • Heal Spell: 1
  • Poison Spell: 1
  • CC: Stone Slammer + Balloons

Take down 2 Air Defeces with Lighting and Earthquake Spells and 1 with Hog Riders. Use a Stone Slammer in the front and deploy Dragons with Balloons.

15. Dragon Smash

Clash of Clans: Top 10 Best Attack Strategies for Town Hall 11 (4)

Dragon is among the mightiest of the troops in Clash of Clans. This troop combination performs pleasingly against every Town Hall 11 base.

Army Composition:

  • Dragons: 11
  • Balloons: 6
  • Wall Breakers: 5
  • Rage Spell: 3
  • Freeze Spell: 4
  • Poison Spell: 1
  • CC: Balloons + Stone Slammer + Rage Spell

As the dragons have high HP, there is no need to lure out enemy Clan Castle troops. Instead, use a Poison spell on them. So just deploy the Dragons, followed by Balloons and Stone Slammer.

14. PEKKA + Bowler + Earthquake

Clash of Clans: Top 10 Best Attack Strategies for Town Hall 11 (5)

PEKKA is very effective once the high damage-dealing defenses like Inferno Tower are taken down.

Army Composition:

  • PEKKA: 6
  • Bowlers: 7
  • Healers: 4
  • Rage Spells: 1
  • Earthquake Spells: 8
  • Freeze Spell: 1
  • CC: Rage Spell + Hog Riders + Log Siege Machine

The 8 Earthquake spells will clear the walls, meanwhile, the siege machine will take initial damage. Then start the deployment after doing the queen walk. Reserve Rage spells for Archer Queen.

13. Golem + Witch + Bats

Clash of Clans: Top 10 Best Attack Strategies for Town Hall 11 (6)

Once the area splash defenses are gone, Bat spells here will do the rest of the work for you. The killer combination of skeletons from Witch and the Bats makes an easy way through the base layout.

Army Composition:

  • Minion: 1
  • Golem: 2
  • Witch: 11
  • Bowlers: 11
  • Rage Spell: 1
  • Freeze Spell: 4
  • Bat Spells: 4
  • CC: Log Launcher + Hog Riders + Bat Spells

Start your deployment in a straight line, and use the log launcher to make way for the walls. As mentioned earlier, bats need to be saved from Wizard Tower. To do this, you can either use a freeze spell or eradicate them.

12. Dragon + Queen Walk

Clash of Clans: Top 10 Best Attack Strategies for Town Hall 11 (7)

Queen Walk is among the perfect combination for Dragon. QW lures out CC troops and eliminates powerful defenses.

Army Composition:

  • Dragons: 6
  • Balloons: 6
  • Healers: 5
  • Baby Dragon: 2
  • Heal Spell: 1
  • Rage Spell: 3
  • Freeze Spell: 3
  • CC: Stone Slammer + Freeze Spell: Poison Spell

Start the attack with the Queen and Healers. The rage spells must be exclusively used on Archer Queen and Healers. Once Eagle Artillery is down, start the attack.

11. TH11 Air Attack

Clash of Clans: Top 10 Best Attack Strategies for Town Hall 11 (8)

You can implement these troop combinations against a Town Hall 12 as well. It truly shows positive outcomes.

Army Composition:

  • Balloons: 20
  • Lava Houds: 3
  • Ice Golem: 2
  • Rage Spell: 1
  • Invisible Spells: 4
  • Haste Spells: 2
  • Poison Spell: 1
  • CC: Battle Blimp + Electro Wizards

Here, use the Battle Blimp and wait until it reaches the Eagle Artillery. Use invisible spells + rage spells on it. The Electro Wizards are likely to lure most of the defenses here. Then start with the proper LavaLoon attack.

10. LavaLoon

Clash of Clans: Top 10 Best Attack Strategies for Town Hall 11 (9)

LavaLoon is the one technique we have been using since Town Hall 9. And the same can effectively be used at Town Hall 11 as well.

Army Composition

  • Balloons: 29
  • Lava Hounds: 3
  • Ice Golem: 1
  • Minions: 5
  • Rage Spells: 2
  • Haste Spells 4
  • Jump Spells: 1
  • Poison Spell: 1
  • Siege Machine: Stone Slammer with 7 Balloons

The addition of Ice Golem is a critical troop as it will be used to eliminate Eagle Artillery. To do so, we will deploy an ice golem followed by Archer Queen and Barbarian King, and a jump spell to pave the way.

Once the Eagle Artillery is down, try to take down the enemy archer queen if possible, and start with the attack.

9. Electro Charge

Clash of Clans: Top 10 Best Attack Strategies for Town Hall 11 (10)

As the Electro Dragon is a new troop in Clash of Clans, it can’t be excluded in deciding the fate at Town Hall 11. Therefore the esteemed attack strategy is among the most powerful ones.

Army Composition:

  • Electro Dragons: 8
  • Balloons: 4
  • Rage Spells: 3
  • Clone Spells: 2
  • Haste Spell: 1
  • Siege Machine: Battle Blimp with 1 Balloon and 1 Electro Dragon

Here, we will deploy Siege Machine from the side that will destroy Eagle Artillery and one of the Inferno Towers. Once the Battle Blimp is on the eagle artillery, quickly drop it using a rage spell + 2 clone spells.

The clones alone will clear the majority of surrounding elements.

8. Hybrid Miner-Hogs

Clash of Clans: Top 10 Best Attack Strategies for Town Hall 11 (11)

Apart from air attacks, hybrid ground armies are the best choice to proceed as Town Hall 11 provides us with Grand Warden. Grand Warden’s special ability supplies our army with additional inputs.

Army Composition:

  • Archer: 3
  • Super Goblins: 3
  • Super Wall Breaker: 3
  • Balloons: 4
  • Healers: 5
  • Miners: 15
  • Hog Riders: 8
  • Minions: 2
  • Heal Spell: 2
  • Rage Spell: 2
  • Freeze Spell: 2
  • Poison Spell: 1
  • Clan Castle: 7 Hogs + 1 Rage Spell + Siege Barracks

In this attack, the Queen will be followed by all 5 healers to take down Clan Castle troops. Clearing Clan Castle is not just the aim of the Queen, but it is the most crucial. Try to eliminate Eagle Artillery with the Queen Walk.

Next, deploy siege barracks and all Miners. Use Rage and Heal Spell at the place where it is deemed fit. Use Hogs Riders once the area-splashing enemy defense wears out.

7. GoWiBo

Clash of Clans: Top 10 Best Attack Strategies for Town Hall 11 (12)

The Witch and Bowlers attack combination still stands to be the most effective one. It is the standing and preferential strategy that can even be continued on the next Town Hall levels with minor changes.

Army Composition:

  • Electro Dragon: 1
  • Witches: 8
  • Bowlers: 11
  • Ice Golem: 4
  • Rage Spells: 2
  • Freeze Spells: 3
  • Bat Spells: 4
  • Clan Castle: Wall Wrecker (P.E.K.K.A. in it) + 2 Bat Spells

While starting the attack, the player will need to make a funnel, sending our troops into the base. To create such a way, use Electro Dragon and Barbarian King. If Clan Castle is situated at the center of the base, then go with a poison spell instead of freezing.

When the funnel is done, deploy Wall Wrecker with bowlers and witches in a line followed by Archer Queen and Grand Warden.

In addition, there are splashes of Bat Spells to support us.

6. P.E.K.K.A. and Bowlers

Clash of Clans: Top 10 Best Attack Strategies for Town Hall 11 (13)

As the troop combinations include 5 bat spells, the main threat here is Wizard Towers. Hence it is a strategic move to eliminate them before using Bat Spells. If can’t eliminate Wizard Towers, then freeze them with spells.

Army Composition:

  • PEKKA: 6
  • Healers: 4
  • Wizards: 3
  • Bowlers: 7
  • Rage Spell: 2
  • Bat Spell: 3
  • poison: 1
  • Freeze: 3
  • Clan Castle: Log Launcher + 1 yeti + 2 Bat Spells

When starting with any ground attack, create a funnel, here use PEKKA to do so. Once a funnel is ON, deploy the rest of the PEKKA, Log Launcher, Heroes, and Bowlers. Be sure to use the Grand Warden’s ability at its maximum output.

The use of Bat Spell is very crucial here, therefore be wise in deploying them.

5. Zap Dragon

Clash of Clans: Top 10 Best Attack Strategies for Town Hall 11 (14)

Zap Dragon is the oldest attack strategy which stands still even today. Not just the oldest but the easiest strategy that needs no specialization even in critical situations.

Army Composition:

  • Balloons: 9
  • Dragons: 9
  • Electro Dragon: 1
  • Lightning Spells: 4
  • Rage Spells: 2
  • Freeze Spells: 1
  • Earthquake Spells: 2
  • Clan Castle: Stone Slammer + Balloons + 1 Freeze spell + 1 poison spell

First, destroy two air defenses with 2 lightning spells and 1 earthquake on each. In doing so, another air defense can be eliminated by using Barbarian King and Archer Queen. If not possible, no worries, use them to create a funnel for our troops.

Deploy Dragons in a narrow range, and assist them with balloons and a Stone Slammer. When the army is in base, use Rage Spell on them and a freeze spell on Eagle Artillery.

4. Zap Witches

Clash of Clans: Top 10 Best Attack Strategies for Town Hall 11 (15)

If players have just been through Town Hall 11, and have no max hero levels, then the Zap Witch is best suited for them.

Army Composition:

  • Golem: 3
  • Witches: 12
  • Super Wall Breaker: 3
  • Lightning Spells: 8
  • Earthquake Spell: 2
  • Freeze Spell: 1
  • Clan Castle: Siege Barracks + Yeti + 1 freeze and 1 Poison Spell

Use 4 Lightning Spells and 1 Earthquake Spell on each Inferno Tower, which will clear them. The next step is to deploy 3 Golem in a broad line and assist them with all our witches.

Poison will be used for Clan Castle and the freeze for Eagle Artillery or Wizard Towers.

3. Hog Charge

Clash of Clans: Top 10 Best Attack Strategies for Town Hall 11 (16)

The group of Hog Riders is the deadliest when used with proper instructions. In addition, the QueenWalk will make it even worse for the opponent’s base to survive.

Army Composition:

  • Wall Breaker: 2
  • Baby Dragons: 2
  • Healers: 5
  • Hog Riders: 27
  • Rage Spells: 2
  • Heal Spells: 3
  • Skeleton Spell: 1
  • Clan Castle: Flame Slinger + Freeze Spell + Poison Spell

Choose the attack side to start with Flame Slinger. Once Slinger is deployed, start QueenWalk from the other side and try to clear Clan Castle, Inferno, and Eagle Artillery. Use Rage Spells as per need.

Once major defenses are OFF, start deploying Hog Riders and assist them with Heal Spells when felt necessary.

2. Super Archer Zap

Clash of Clans: Top 10 Best Attack Strategies for Town Hall 11 (17)

The Zap of Super Archer is the most recent attack strategy. It first destroyed the opponent’s base when Super Troops were raised.

Army Composition:

  • Super Archer: 10
  • Super Wall Breaker: 2
  • Healers: 7
  • Baby Dragons 2
  • Lightning Spells: 7
  • Rage Spells: 2
  • Clan Castle: 7 Hogs + 1 Poison + 1 Earthquake + Siege Barracks

The most common threat for Super Archer is Eagle Artillery. Therefore the leading foe will be taken down by using 7 Lightning spells and 1 Earthquake spell. Try to eliminate surrounding with clever spell deployment.

The attack will go on with all sides taken down. Use Queen + 4 healers from one side, and Super Archers + 3 Healers to its adjacent side. Clear the rest of the base with King and siege Barracks.

1. DragLoon

Clash of Clans: Top 10 Best Attack Strategies for Town Hall 11 (18)

Even though there was one attack strategy with Dragons, however, this rare combination made this one the strongest among all.

Army Composition:

  • Balloons: 8
  • Dragons: 8
  • Lava Hound: 1
  • Electro Dragon: 1
  • Lightning Spells: 6
  • Rage Spell: 1
  • Heal Spell: 1
  • Freeze/Poison: 1
  • Clan Castle: Stone Slammer + Dragon and Balloon + Rage Spell

Use 3 Lightning Spells on Air Defense and eliminate both of them. Now we are left with two more. Try to wipe out another one with Archer Queen if possible. Then Deploy Balloons in a line, follow them with Lava Hound and then Dragons and Stone Slammer.

Use Rage Spell upon entering the main base. Heal Spell must be used when a majority of the army is in the sphere.

Clash of Clans: Top 10 Best Attack Strategies for Town Hall 11 (2024)


What is the best attack strategy for th11? ›

The Electro Dragon attack strategy at Town Hall 11 takes center stage with a focus on max Heroes, Air defenses, Eagle artillery, and Infernos. The key to success lies in understanding the Air Sweepers' orientations, crucial in planning an effective assault.

What is the most used attack strategy in Clash of Clans? ›

Mass Dragon is the most well-known offensive method in Clash of Clans. This approach is extremely beneficial in Town Hall 10 and may be used in multiplayer battles and clan war attacks as well. The attack works best against bases with weak-level air defenses and air sweepers.

How to upgrade town hall 11 fast? ›

To summarize:
  1. Build the new 25 wall pieces.
  2. Build the new Cannon, Archer Tower, Wizard Tower, X-Bow, and Eagle Artillery.
  3. Get a Town Hall 11 Layout (You can do that while you are still building the new defenses)
  4. Upgrade the Air Defenses to 9.
  5. Max out the Air Sweepers.
  6. Upgrade the new Cannon and Archer Tower to 13.

Can you use super troops at th11? ›

A Playground level used to try out Super Troops To boost a troop, the player must be at least Town Hall 11 and also have upgraded the troop to a certain level. The troop's level requirement may require the player to be Town Hall 12 (or TH13 for the super miner) or higher to boost it into its Super form.

Which town hall unlocks super troops? ›

At Town Hall 11, a barrel-shaped Building will appear next to the Trader in Home Village. Here, you can activate a Super Troop using Dark Elixir, or use a Super Potion (Magic Item) to activate one for free. Once activated, the Super Troop will be available to use for three days.

What are the best troops in clash of clans? ›

Dragons and P.E.K.K.A.s are the last two to unlock in the standard Barracks, making them the strongest troops of all. Dragons and P.E.K.K.A.s are great when separate, but when they come together they make your raids epic. To use this attack, train 5 Dragons and 4 P.E.K.K.A.s.

Can you get siege machines at Town Hall 11? ›

The Workshop is a building that constructs Siege Machines, which are special weapons that carry your Clan Castle troops. Siege Machines are upgraded using Elixir in the Laboratory. The Workshop is unlocked at Town Hall 12.

What is the max Electro Dragon for TH11? ›

You can have a maximum of 10 Electro Dragons at one time in a complete set of fully upgraded Army Camps. This number increases to 11 if you include the 1 that can fit into a level 5 or higher Clan Castle.

How to do the zap dragon attack? ›

  1. Start the attack by deploying Lightning Spells. ...
  2. Use your Barbarian King band Archer Queen to to set the funnel on one side of the base.
  3. Use your Baby Dragons to set the funnel on one side of the base.
  4. Deploy a line of Dragons.
  5. Deploy a line of Balloons.
  6. Push your Dragons to the most dangerous area using a Freeze Spell.

How to electro loon? ›

This strategy is composed of 7 Electro Dragons and 14 Balloons. I also use 3 rage spells, 2 freeze spells, and 3 haste spells. For a siege machine, I use balloons inside of a stone slammer.

What is the best Defence system in COC? ›

For defense-minded players, the Town Hall is your most valued asset. If your attacker cannot destroy your town hall, the most the attacker can get is one star. Town Halls also have the highest hit points of any building, except walls.

What is the best base strategy in Clash of Clans? ›

A good compartment might have a high HP building like a Gold or Elixir Storage, a couple defenses, and maybe a trap. You may also want to leave a one or two tile space between walls and buildings to limit the effectiveness of enemy spells and splash damage troops like Valkyries and Bowlers.

How to 3 star this base? ›

How do I three star this base?
  1. Start Queen charge from top at 12 o clock going into the townhall compartment while luring out the cc with something at 6 o clock.
  2. After cc is killed by queen , drop the flame flinger at 3 or 9 o clock.
  3. Work your way in to destroy the Town hall and eagle artillery.
  4. After eagle is done.
Mar 26, 2024

What is the best builder hall attack strategy? ›

The attack boils down to three main steps: Clear: Open walls with Bombers, take out outer defenses with Sneaky Archers, kill Guard Post troops, and remove any mines or traps. Distract: Use tanks to distract splash damage defenses. Rush: Deploy a massive horde of Raged Barbs to flatten the base!

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