Best Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 Army (2024)

In Clash Of Clans, reaching Town Hall 11 gives players access to various new troops and spells, making it easier to three-star an opponent's bases. Players can expect opponent base layouts to be complicated at Town Hall 11, as a few new defensive units are added for protection. Therefore, the target for any Town Hall 11 attack strategy should include destroying the opponent's Eagle Artillery, Archer Queen, and Inferno Towers quickly.

Queen Charge LavaLoon

  • Two Lava Hounds
  • Four Healers
  • One Archer
  • One Baby Dragon
  • One Super Wall Breaker
  • Four Goblins
  • Nine Minions
  • 19 Balloons
  • Three Rage Spells
  • Two Haste Spells
  • One Freeze Spell
  • One Jump Spell
  • One Poison Spell (for opponent Clan Castle)
  • One Stone Slammer

LavaLoon is one of the basic techniques that players learn in Town Hall 10, and Queen Charge is a similar strategy that requires immense practice. In Town Hall 11, players can combine both of these strategies into one and use it effectively to three-star any base. It is ideal to have your heroes at the highest level for this technique, as they play a massive part in creating a funnel to deploy remaining troops. While attacking any base with this composition, players need to target the opponent's Air Defenses, Eagle Artillery, Queen, and Clan Castle troops.

Start by clearing one-third of the base with a Queen Charge supported by healers, and Super Wallbreakers. Make sure your Queen funnels into the center of the base, while the king clears the other side. Start from a side where you can destroy multiple Air Defenses, and deploy the Lava Hounds on the rest. The Balloons are to be strategically deployed at opponents' defenses while the Lava Hounds tank the damage. With the proper funneling and deployment technique, the Queen Charge LavaLoon stands as the best attack in Town Hall 11.

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Zap Witches

  • Three Ice Golems
  • Two Golems
  • One Wall Breaker
  • Two Wizards
  • One Archers
  • 12 Witches
  • Eight Lightning Spells
  • Two Earthquake Spells
  • Two Freeze Spells
  • One Poison Spell
  • Log Launcher (as Clan Castle troops)

The Zap Witch strategy is one of the best ground attacks in Town Hall 11, and it's simple enough to execute. Players who have previous experience of using Witches and Golems together in TH9, and TH10 will thrive with this strategy. The idea is to use the Golems as tanks, while the bulk of your force moves in. Create effective funnels on either side of the base with minimal troops to focus the attack on the core of the opponent's base.

As for the Siege Machine, players can either use a Log Launcher, or a Wall Wrecker, with this army composition. The Lightning and Earthquake Spells are used to destroy the Inferno Towers, while the Freeze Spell will hold the Eagle Artillery for long enough. Make sure to use the Freeze Spell while the bulk of your army takes charge of the center. Drop the Poison Spell for defeating the enemy Clan Castle Troops. This strategy is ideal for asymmetrical bases with complex designs as Witches clear the flanks, while the main army hits the core.

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Electro Dragons

  • Eight Balloons
  • Seven Electro Dragons
  • One Baby Dragon
  • One Stone Slammer
  • Four Rage Spells
  • One Poison Spell
  • Four Freeze Spells

Electro Dragons are always a safe option for players preferring the aerial route for Town Hall 11 attacks. Knowing how to create a funnel to send the Dragons to the center of the base is the basic essence of aerial attacks. For this strategy, players will need to create a funnel on either side of the base with the Archer Queen, Barbarian King, and a Baby Dragon.

Electro Dragons build on their chain damage and are ideal for bases with a compact design. Use the Stone Slammer to rip apart the base while the Electro Dragons take charge of the opponent's Archer Queen, Inferno Towers, and Clan Castle Troops. The Freeze Spells are to stop the enemy's Inferno Towers, while the Poison Spell will destroy the Clan Castle troops. Deploy the Balloons only on targets that are fixated on your Electro Dragons. This technique will easily clear up Archer and Wizard Towers located on the flanks.

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Best Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 Army (2024)


What is the best attack strategy for TH11 reddit? ›

Basically; Pick a side to attack from, usually the one that will get you to the eagle or the most splash damage buildings (if wizard towers are all on one side then always start there). Essentially just create a small funnel, can use Pekka on one side and ice golem / wizard or something on the other.

What is Max Archer Queen for Town Hall 11? ›

You also get to unlock one of the best traps in the game: The Tornado Trap. Town Hall 11 also gets an additional X-Bow to the 3 offered at Town Hall 10, and the level cap is increased by 1. The Barbarian King's and Archer Queen's level caps are also both increased by 10, to a maximum of 50.

When should I go to Town Hall 11? ›

Try to time your TH upgrade with season bank payout, so that you reach TH11 around the time you receive the 25/25mil (or 5/5mil) loot and that would make the first few days of TH11 much easier. If you can't do that, having a rune of elixir would do just fine as well.

What are the best troops to attack with in Clash of Clans? ›

Dragons and P.E.K.K.A.s are the last two to unlock in the standard Barracks, making them the strongest troops of all. Dragons and P.E.K.K.A.s are great when separate, but when they come together they make your raids epic.

What is the best air attack in Clash of Clans? ›

  • Drop balloons around the air defences to destroy them (at least 8 balloons per air defence)
  • Drop dragons after air defence is destroyed.
  • Drop your rage spells on the dragons / balloons.
  • [Optional] Drop barbarian king and/or archer queen when the defences are destroyed to speed up the process.

What is the best way to attack in COC? ›

The most effective spell combinations include all lightning spells, all rage spells, or a mix of four lightning and one rage spell. GoWiBo is another powerful strategy for both clan war and multiplayer battles at Town Hall 10, especially when you have access to clan castle bowlers and a siege machine.

What is P.E.K.K.A. weak to? ›

Raging a lone P.E.K.K.A will often still be a waste of Elixir as her weaknesses to swarms and kiting are not mitigated. Even though her hitpoints are higher, it is recommended to have a distraction unit like Skeletons in front of her when defending a heavy hitter like a Prince.

Can you use super troops at th11? ›

A Playground level used to try out Super Troops To boost a troop, the player must be at least Town Hall 11 and also have upgraded the troop to a certain level. The troop's level requirement may require the player to be Town Hall 12 (or TH13 for the super miner) or higher to boost it into its Super form.

What are the max heroes for Townhall 11? ›

Max Levels for Heroes at TH11
HeroMax LevelNumber of Upgrades
Archer Queen5010
Barbarian King5010
Grand Warden2020

What CC troops are best for Town Hall 12? ›

Town Hall 12 - 40 Troop Space

Troops with area of effect damage for taking out groups of Hogs, Bowlers, Witches or Balloons can also be a sensible choice. 1 x Baby Drag, 1 x Ice Golem, 1 x Witch, 3 x Goblin - A Baby Dragon can be very effective at taking out groups of ground based attacking troops or Balloons.

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