What Happened To Packgod? Explained - OtakuKart (2024)

Packgod is one of the famous names in the online internet community, and recently the major controversies that he has evolved into made fans question what exactly happened with him and with whom he had his major beef.

Beef and controversies are hugely getting a lot of attention, especially in online streaming platforms where the creators are every day accusing each other of their work or another thing. And this time, Packgod is the one who had recently faced a major controversy with his member Leg.

Well, this is where the article comes in to provide you with brief, authentic, and accurate information regarding the major things that happened with the YouTuber and the streamer and other details regarding Packgod.


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Therefore many of the Packgod fans are hugely in need of seeking answers regarding the confusion that has been arising in their minds regarding what exactly happened with the discord user. Let us take a look at this article to give you some accurate and enriching information regarding every single detail of Packgod.

Who is Packgod?

For those of you who do not know much about Packgod, he is a YouTuber and a discord user who makes mostly content on YouTube and a diss track. He has pretty solid fanbases on the online community. He mostly roasts and does packing on the famous and the most notable streamers and some hugely popular internet personalities such as iShowSpeed and many others.

However, talking about his initial career, he gained immense popularity in 2022 after initially starting making videos where he used to create diss tracks on various popular streamers, which gathered a lot of fans’ attention.

Firstly he made the Discord server with another teammate or member, Leg, thus the discord channel was called Void, and also had a YouTube channel where he was the co-admin, where he used to majorly had the responsibility of creating and writing all the diss tracks that you can see on the channel.

What Happened To Packgod? Explained - OtakuKart (1)

What happened to Packgod?

Packgod is a famous name in the content game, and the major controversy that he surrounded himself with in 2022 made him even more popular and famous over social media. Fans were sad, shocked, and having a sort of mixed emotions when they found out that the combined channel that he had with the other member Leg was taken all over by him and he was left with nothing, which made him start over again with his new Discord and YouTube channel, which again with a short period and with greater support gathered greater amounts of likes and views.

While the former channel, which Leg and Packgod both shared, their channel created the most diss tracks on notable and popular streamers, which was initially a big success for both of them, but who knew that this would end in such an abrupt way?

While after posting a Pokimane diss track to their former YouTube channel, it initially got the greater views and the likes that they desired and wanted to attain. But after all of the Packgod and the Leg drama, both of them got into their separate ways and created their content while having their fanbases and attaining likes and views in terms of the kind of content they created for the online community.

What were Packgod and the Leg drama in 2022?

Packgod and the Leg drama was a bit intense in 2022; well, it all started when both the creators initially started their channels, the Discord server one and the YouTube channel, where they created content mostly on diss tracks and other things related to it.

But their drama started in 2022 when both of them introduced Discord packing, where people can battle with one another in terms of using words or anything like that. But it reached that point when both the member Leg and Packgod started themselves doing battling things on their Discord server, and on August 25th, 2022, Packgod posted a video on the YouTube channel addressing the whole drama and the rivalries going on between them.

And thus, this led to Leg making the decision and throwing Packgod from both the channels, the Discord server and the YouTube one, Packgod in the whole drama also claimed that he was the one doing 90 percent of the work, while Leg did not do anything, the drama was some of the controversial ones in the online internet community in 2022.

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What Happened To Packgod? Explained - OtakuKart (2024)
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