SoNo NUTRITION LLC · 29 South Main st, Norwalk, CT 06854 (2024)

Connecticut Business Registration

29 South Main st, Norwalk, CT 06854


SoNo NUTRITION LLC (Business #3026975) is a business entity in Norwalk, Connecticut registered with the Connecticut Secretary of the State (SOS). The business type is LLC. The registration date was June 21, 2024. The registered business location is 29 South Main st, Norwalk, CT 06854. The current business status is Active. The registered agent of the business is Irma Mendez. The officers of the business include Irma Mendez.

Business Information

Business ID 3026975
Business Name SoNo NUTRITION LLC
Business Address 29 South Main st
CT 06854
Registration Date 2024-06-21
Business Type LLC
Business Status Active
Annual Report Due Date 2025-03-31
Email irmaflores8598(a)
Jurisdiction Citizenship Domestic
Formation Country United States
Formation Place Connecticut
Formation State or Territory Connecticut
Woman Owned Organization true
Veteran Owned Organization false
Minority Owned Organization true
Owned by Persons with Disabilities false
Owned by LGBTQI false
Category Survey Email irmaflores8598(a)

Registered Agent

Agent Name Irma Mendez
Agent Type Individual
Telephone 2032475144
Email irmaflores8568(a)
Business Address 29 South Main st
CT 06854
Mailing Address 26 Noah's Lane Ext
06851-1729 CT
Residence Address 26 Noah's Lane Ext
CT 06851-1729
Create Date 2024-06-27 00:21:00.8900000

Business Principals

NameTitleBusiness AddressResidence Address
Irma Mendez29 South Main st, Norwalk, CT 06854 26 Noah's Lane Ext, Norwalk, CT, 06851-1729, United States

Filings Details

Filing DateFiling TypeOrganizerVolumeStart Page
2024-06-21Business Formation - Certificate of Organization

Location Information

Street Address 29 South Main st
City Norwalk
State CT
Zip Code 06854
Country United States

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SoNo NUTRITION LLC · 29 South Main st, Norwalk, CT 06854 (2024)
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